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BlackBox Cosmetics

Cydni's Notes:
Update for 6/12/11

I've now been using BlackBox Cosmetics for six months, and I have seen a real change in my skin. This line is touted as anti-aging and restorative; my real life experience is that my skin looks smoother, more refined and there is no hyper-pigmentation. (I had been an Obagi user for at least ten years and I was reluctant to stop using hydroquinone, but knew I needed to. For those who don't know, hydroquinone is banned in Europe as it has been linked to leukemia.)

For anyone considering the distributor benefits of BlackBox Cosmetics, let me just say-- this company rocks! They pay, they pay well, and they pay on time.

Some selling points from their website: NO sales quotas, NO stocking of product, NO monthly financial commitment, NO annual renewal, and NO unfair sales requirements.

The main reason I decided to try BlackBox as a distributor (besides the high quality of their products) was the fact that there is no further commitment after signing up. No stress, no worrying about quotas, and I order product as I need it.

Overall, if you're looking for an easy income opportunity and products you can be proud to promote, I'd recommend giving BlackBox a shot.

BlackBox Cosmetics Review

Somewhat new to the cosmetics market, BlackBox Cosmetics is an amazing find.

Started by Kevin Evans, a gentleman who spent several years in the natural products industry, this line focuses on organic skin care ingredients, high nutrient content and an airless delivery system.

Many products on the retail shelf have no, or very little, actual nutrients by the time they reach a customer's skin. Air, light and heat all destroy delicate nutraceuticals; inferior filling techniques, packaging and storage can contribute to the problem.

The products from BlackBox Cosmetics are meant to be used. The shelf life is a mere ten months, because Mr. Evans wanted to design a product that really delivers. In order to deliver, the antioxidants need to be fresh.

This also explains the decision to sell via direct sales vs. the regular retail route. Most products sit on the shelf with an expiration date of several years; the time line for distribution alone can use up more than ten months.

For those of you who are eco-minded, BlackBox Cosmetics offers a unique take on being green. The products are available in beautiful packaging with cartridges that pop out and are easily replaced with a new cartridge. Simply recycle the old one. 

I have noticed a real difference in my skin and everyday I hear the same from others.

If you decide to try the products, be prepared to be patient. Natural ingredients take longer to see results than products laden with chemicals. (Allow 8-10 weeks on average.) But the trade-off for patience is healthier skin and a healthier you over-all.
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